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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

10 Ways to Be a Tenant Landlords Will Love

Chowchilla Property Manager Shaking Hands With TenantIf you’re in the market for a single-family rental home, establishing that you’re a reliable renter will considerably improve your chances of securing the home of your desires. However, being aware of the things that can make you a terrible renter is critical to being a good tenant. Nobody likes dealing with difficult tenants, and no one wants to evict them! In this blog post, we’ll go over some tenant advice that would make any landlord happy.

  1. Pay your rent on time. This is most likely the most critical step you can take to avoid being a lousy tenant. If you are late on your rent, it reflects negatively on you and increases the likelihood that your lease will not be renewed.
  2. Keep your place clean and tidy. Living in a cluttered, filthy home is unhealthy for you, and it will give your landlord difficulties. It is more probable that the landlord will be pleased with you as a renter if you maintain a clean and orderly residence.
  3. Don’t make too much noise. Landlords and neighbors value tenants who are courteous to others and do not produce an excessive amount of noise. If you can reduce the level of noise, it is more likely that everyone will be happy with each other.
  4. Respect your neighbors. This is related to the last point. If you treat your neighbors with respect, they will most likely treat you with respect. If there are any issues, they will almost certainly be willing to work with you to remedy them.
  5. Report maintenance and repair problems while they’re small. It’s going to cost the landlord extra money if you wait until anything is broken or needs extensive repairs. However, if you report issues while they are still minor, the Chowchilla property manager will be pleased to resolve them swiftly and affordably.
  6. Cooperate with repairs and maintenance requests. When your landlord or a service technician needs to enter your rental property for repairs or maintenance, make every effort to accommodate them. If you make it difficult for the landlord to execute their job, the landlord may decide not to renew your lease.
  7. Don’t steal or damage property. This should be self-evident, but you should never steal or damage anyone’s property, whether it belongs to your landlord or your neighbors. Eviction may result if you do either of these things.
  8. Follow your lease terms – all of them. You must adhere to all of your lease’s terms, not just those that are convenient for you. If you fail to do so, the landlord has grounds to evict you.
  9. Get renter’s insurance. This is something that will cover you in the event of damage to your rental unit or personal property. It’s necessary to have, and your landlord might request it.
  10. Treat your landlord with respect. Respect your landlord regardless of your disagreements. If you’re nasty or disrespectful, they’re less likely to want to extend your lease when it ends.


Following these guidelines will help you become a fantastic renter who will satisfy both you and your landlord. However, if your current living situation isn’t optimal, it may be time to find a new rental house. Real Property Management Valley Wide offers quality rentals in Chowchilla and the surrounding areas. You can browse our listings online to see quality rental homes in your desired location.

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