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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

4 Ways to Reduce Repair Costs in Your Merced Rental

Woman Calling Landlord For Water LeakIf you own a rental property in Merced, you most likely have had to deal with one or two significant repairs already. From a leaking pipe in the upstairs bathroom to a furnace that stops working in the middle of winter, much rental maintenance can be stressful and expensive. As a property owner or manager, you probably won’t be able to avoid every repair. Still, you can lower the frequency of significant maintenance and limit their costs by investing in preventative maintenance and the best contractors that Merced has to offer.

Lower repair costs with routine maintenance

There’s a reason they call it “preventative maintenance.” Upkeep and routine maintenance is an essential part of keeping your rental property (and its value) in good overall shape. An air conditioning tune-up or plumbing inspection can’t stop every breakdown or prevent every leak, but being proactive can prevent a good majority of headaches and high repair costs down the road.

Some of the most expensive plumbing problems can be avoided entirely with timely maintenance and upkeep. Sewer line leaks can cost thousands of dollars to fix in Merced. These can cause the line to back up into home: an expensive mess and disaster without parallel. While property owners can’t control what their renters put down the sink, they can schedule annual sewer line inspections with a local plumber to check for any clogs that might be forming. Similarly, a water heater tank burst can cause thousands in water damage. However, an annual inspection and check of the emergency pressure-relief valve—along with replacing the water heater when it’s at the end of its operational life—nearly eliminates the risk of this happening.

Work with a professional contractor

At first glance, this advice might seem counterintuitive. After all, wouldn’t you stand to save the most by handling your rental property’s repairs yourself? While this is the case for small jobs or minor upkeep projects—like repainting the property’s walls—it’s just not a good idea for significant repairs or critical maintenance. Unless you are an experienced and licensed contractor, you probably do not have the tools or training to resolve a major plumbing issue or get an air conditioner working again. If you feel like you’re out of your element, you probably are. Making your own repairs can result in further damage and higher costs down the road.

Of course, this same advice extends to hiring the wrong professional to work on your rental property. The odds are that the lowest bid isn’t the best bid. Always ask any plumbers, technicians, electricians, or other service personnel you’re thinking about working with about their licensing, insurance policies, training, tools, and experience. For many property owners and managers, hiring an ill-prepared or untrustworthy contractor is an expensive mistake they only make once—and for a good reason.

Act quickly, communicate consistently

Here’s something that tends to get overlooked: no repair is more expensive than the one that makes a sound, long-term tenant decide to leave your property at the end of their lease. Tenants get it: things happen. However, you could burn bridges if you’re slow to take action or fail to respond. Instead, be communicative and honest with them. Work with them to get the repairs done right and done fast. You’ll find that this alone will go a long way to keeping your good renter happy.

Work with a professional property management company in Merced

For property managers, professional maintenance can be the difference between their rental being a revenue source or a money pit. It’s worth it. Our team at illume brings the best-in-class rental management services in Merced.

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